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We are proud to partner with our industry’s top publications and strive to provide adverts, articles and product content which are both informative and beneficial.

Magnitech participates in our industry’s top trade show platforms. Showcasing our cutting-edge lighting solutions, whilst providing one-on-one technical lighting consultations, with you, our valued customer.


A collection of technical lighting articles and blog posts with understandings within the lighting industry.


A comprehensive list of our trade shows for the year. Don't miss us this year all over South Africa, Zambia and Botswana.

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Our reputation for providing quality innovative technology and service-excellence has made Magnitech a market-leader in the South African lighting industry.

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Due to continuing R&D, the data featured on our website may change without prior notice. Please consult us for the latest available options. Warranties subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale.

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