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New industrial lighting solution beneficial for industry

Industrial lighting specialist Magnitech is expected to release the MAGFLOOD – its new industrial floodlight – this month. The purpose-built industrial floodlight will provide optimal lighting in the harshest of environments through the use of precise optics, world-class components and a truly fit-for-purpose design.

The MAGFLOOD will undoubtedly be the class-leading floodlight in the industrial and mining industry and we are very excited to release it,” enthuses Magnitech COO Ari Budin.

Budin cites that Magnitech is also environmentally conscious and as such, has developed a range suitable for environmentally sensitive areas and applications.

An example of this is a project for a local mine where Magnitech produced ‘environmentally aware’ lighting fixtures to ensure that the site’s mining operations did not interfere with the eco sensitive natural routines of the surrounding flora and fauna.

“At Magnitech, we are focusing on industry-specific innovations that we will hopefully be able to introduce to the market soon.”

Further, the company has embraced the introduction of the Internet of Things into the industrial lighting sector, which Budin says will be beneficial for consumers in the sector.

These benefits include increased safety, predictive plant maintenance, additional energy-savings options and interconnectivity.

However, he cautions that installing incorrect fixtures for specific applications can lead to unintended consequences which include health and safety, falling foul of regulations and increased ongoing maintenance.

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ZOne & IP Ratings

Consumers in the industrial and mining industry are urged to be aware of the relevant Zone Classification and Ingress Protection ratings required when installing light fixtures.

Zone ratings classify hazardous areas – areas that potentially contain hazardous gases or dusts – according to different levels of gas and dust concentrations.

“When installing light fixtures, it is vital to have the area properly classified, to abide by these classifications and then to install properly certified zoned fixtures in zone-classified areas. Areas should be classified by qualified professionals, and only zone rated fixtures should be installed by a qualified hazardous area installation specialist.” Explains Budin.

He warns that non-classified light fixtures and associated equipment installed in a zone-classified area can potentially cause a fire or an explosion.

Further, if incorrect light fittings are installed in classified areas, the engineer andor responsible person could face severe legal ramifications, should an explosion or other incidents occur.

“Whether there is any type of gas or dust in the air, it is important for consumers to understand whether they need any area classified. They also need to understand, very importantly, the required and recommended light levels that are relevant for the different environments.” Explains Budin.

Magnitech has created a purpose built factory in South Africa with manufacturing processes that comply with ISO9001 and relevant SABS standards.

“We ensure that our fixtures are carefully designed and assembled using only the best approved components.” Says Budin.

Magnitech also provides a full lighting design service whereby a qualified team of lighting professionals assists with all aspects of the lighting design to ensure that the correct fixtures are installed in the correct areas, thus achieving the correct lighting levels.

Moreover, the company emphasises fit-for-purpose lighting solutions, with every lighting fixture carefully designed for specific applications and environments to withstand the “harsh rigours” of global industrial facilities.

“We aim to keep increasing awareness of the importance of fit-for-purpose solutions and to ensure that correct products are used in the correct environments. Lighting is ubiquitous and it is important to get it right first time. Installing correct lighting solutions can not only mitigate safety hazards, but it has been consistently proven to increase productivity.” He concludes.

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