An image of the Blowfish High Bay Fixture

Blowfish LED


25W - 600W

3 210lm - 84 398lm


The Blowfish LED Highbay and Lowbay range has been specifically designed to ensure precise lighting for a variety of mounting heights. Offering unrivaled performance and with lumen packages up to 92 000 lumens, the fixture, is lightweight, easy to install and incredibly energy efficient. Accessories can be added to offer a number of installation options, advanced lighting controls, as well as IoT capability. The unit is also equipped with an additional safety harness, further increasing intrinsic safety of the installation and maintenance of the luminaire.


  • Industrial lighting
  • Hangars
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Plants


  • WATTAGE: 25W - 600W
  • LUMENS: 3210lm - 84 398lm
  • CT: 4000K - STD (3000K-6000K - OPT)
  • LIFETIME: 100 000 Hours
  • IP: IP65
  • MOUNTING: Custom Accessoriess
  • DIFFUSER: Polycarbonate Lens
  • ZONES: ZONE 21 & 22
  • MATERIAL: Aluminium

* The above are only a few examples of photometrics available. Contact us for other photometrics.


  • Microwave Motion Sensor
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Bluetooth IoT Node

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Unique photometrics for Specific Needs

Developed with customization in mind, the Blowfish can accommodate very unique photometrics, ensuring that the right light levels are achieved specifically where it is needed.



Multiple Installation Options

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the Blowfish can accommodate a variety of installation options, not only making installation a breeze, but ensuring that the installation suits the job at hand.

Linear design for high racking

The inherent design of the Blowfish makes it a perfect fixture for high racking warehouses, where high levels of light are required on the vertical plane.

Emergency Options available

The Blowfish can accommodate both a maintained and non-maintained battery solution, affording you security of illumination.


Magnitech luminaires are covered by a solid comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that covers a range of possible defects and performance parameters throughout the duration of the warranty period.

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